F ‽it would be better if you didn't‽

‽it would be better if you didn't‽

Greetings, Lovers.
Mostly Mass Effect, Music, Manga, and Mens

Also cosplay appreciation and some race issues.
I reserve the right to block at will.
You'll probably never know why, though.

sexual orientation: that area between the middle of the rib cage, just under the bust, and the knees


Raptr Gamercard
6 | 10.12.2011 | 2 years ago

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ȹjsrfȹ ȹjet set radio futureȹ ȹboogieȹ ȹpirahnaȹ ȹthe fan art of her is ridiculousȹ ȹafter i got herȹ ȹthe only character i played withȹ ȹartȹ